Ying Fu

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Ying Fu
Special Foreign Legal Advisor

Chinese Law Specialist

Ying Fu moved from China to Montreal and is now a special foreign legal advisor at CMKZ, L.L.P. She has a vast expertise and advises on Chinese commercial litigation, restructuring, investment, merge & acquisition. As part of CMKZ, Ying Fu also assists Chinese companies in doing business in Canada, Canadian companies in China and local Chinese clients in getting qualified legal services. She provides top legal services with integrity and highly professional competence.

Ying Fu founded with her partner Beijing Ying He Law Firm (Winteam500) which has over 70 offices and 2000 lawyers in China. She was, from 1994 to 2014, counsel, lawyer, partner, senior partner, executive director in Beijing Jing Shi Law Firm and Beijing Sheng Yun Law Firm.

Ying Fu also founded Sunflower Law Net-Legal Forum, an online forum intended for senior attorneys, judges and law school professors from China, Canada and the United States to serve as a platform for legal education, academic discussion and legal practice.  Said forum has since become one of the most visited websites in China, with nearly 3 million registered members and is recognized as the number one education site of the top 100 Chinese BBS and ranked second on the list of top ten Chinese legal websites.

In China, she has also worked for more than twenty years as a legal consultant for several Chinese government departments and ministerial offices, universities, large state-owned companies and private enterprises, publishing groups and other key actors of the Chinese economy.

In recent years, she has also made scholarly and other contributions that have constructively affected the development of the rule of law in China.


  • Mandarin
  • English


  • Chinese Legal Profession Certificate, 1994
  • Computer Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, 1989

Professional Affiliations

  • Quebec Bar, Special Foreign Legal Advisor
  • Chinese Lawyer’s License


  • Published and co-authored 21 books in the Sunflower Legal Series, including National Uniform Judicial Examination series textbooks currently in use in Chinese law faculties; among these publications, 13 have been reprinted or republished every year in the past decade
  • Contributed from 2003 to a weekly column for the People’s Court Daily and the Procuratorial Daily Newspaper, two well-known legal journals in China
  • Currently developing a new bilingual series THE LONG MARCH: Process and Progress in Chinese Law (English & Mandarin), introducing Chinese law to North-America
  • Currently developing Law and Practice of Internet Security, will be published in 2016 by Higher Education Press Limit Company, China
  • Currently developing International Business Law, including Quebec Business Law and Canadian Business Law, will be published by Higher Education Press Limit Company, China
  • Currently developing essay series Sunflower Blooming in Montreal — Canada in a Chinese Lawyeress’ Eyes
  • Contributed from 2013 to a full page weekly column for Sept Days, a well-known Chinese newspaper in Quebec

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