Ying Fu

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Ying Fu

Chinese Law Specialist

Ying Fu moved from China to Montreal and is now advisor for CMKZ, LLP. She has extensive expertise in Chinese law, particularly in contract law, intellectual property, commercial litigation, restructuring, investment and merger and acquisition. As a member of the CMKZ team, Ying Fu offers her services to CMKZ lawyers and to lawyers and notaries in connection with CMKZ. She does not deal with the public and does not provide any services to the public.

Ying Fu is also the North American correspondent for the law firm Beijing Jingsh, giving her access to a vast network of lawyers in China.

Prior to joining CMKZ, Ying Fu founded and worked at the law firm Beijing Ying He (Winteam500) and was a senior partner and executive director of the law firm Beijing Jingsh and Beijing Sheng Yun.

Ying Fu gives conferences on international law, intellectual property, mediation and international arbitration.


  • Mandarin
  • English
  • French (in training)


  • Chinese Legal Profession Certificate, 1994
  • Computer Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, 1989

Professional Affiliations

  • License of Chinese lawyer, Beijing and China Bar
  • Law Society of Ontario, Special Foreign Legal Advisor
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society

Professional Activities

  • Founder of the Sunflower Law Net-Legal Forum for Senior Lawyers, Judges and Law Professors in Canada, the United States and China, which serves as a platform for law education, academic discussion and law practice, 2004-
  • Member of The Secretary General of the Beihai Arbitration Committee and the Beihai International Court of Arbitration, China, 2018-


Ying Fu has published a weekly column in the People’s Court Daily  and the  Procuratorial Daily Newspaper, two recognized legal publications in China, 2003-2010

Mr. Fu has written and published 23 books in the Sunflower Legalseries, including the National Uniform Judicial Examination series textbooks that are currently used by law schools in China:

  • 高阶教程 -民法 [High-Level Tutorials – Civil Law]
  • 高阶教程 -民事诉讼法与仲裁法 [High-Level Tutorials – Civil Procedure Law and Arbitration Law]
  • 高阶教程 - 刑事诉讼法 [High-Level Tutorials – Criminal Procedure Law]
  • 高阶教程 -商法与经济法 [High-Level Tutorials – Commercial and Economic Law]
  • 高阶教程 - 刑法 [High-Level Tutorials – Criminal Law]
  • 高阶教程 - 国际法•国际私法•国际经济法 [High-Level Tutorials – International Law- Private International Law – International Economic Law]
  • 高阶教程 -行政法与行政诉讼法 [High-Level Tutorials – Administrative Law and Administrative Litigation Law]
  • 高阶教程 -法理学•法制史•宪法•法律职业道德 [High-Level Tutorials – Jurisprudence , Legal History , Constitution , Legal Ethics]
  • 中国司法案例解谜 [The Mystery of China’s Judicial Case]
  • 国家司法考试《全真题库分详解》[National Judicial Examination “Full Truth Question Library”]
  • 国家司法考试《模拟考场冲刺套卷》[National Judicial Examination “Simulated Examination Room Sprint Set”]
  • 国家司法考试《同步经典题库》[National Judicial Examination “Synchronous Classic Question Bank”]
  • 国家司法考试《考点必背》[National Judicial Examination “The Test Point Must Back”]
  • 中国司法疑难问题解答系列丛书 (10本)[China Judicial Troubleshooting Series (10 books)]

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