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The philosophy of the founders: Advise globally, guide locally

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Attorney & Partner
Attorney & Partner

Colas Moreira Kazandjian Zikovsky LLP (CMKZ) responds to the legal needs of companies and entrepreneurs operating internationally. CMKZ assists its clients in their conquest of global markets, while supporting the growth of foreign and domestic businesses locally.

CMKZ has a unique and highly recognized expertise in international business and trade law as well as in the implementation of international trade treaties. We also assist other law firms, professional organizations and foreign governments in various areas of our expertise, including the international mobility of goods and services including individuals, capital and technologies. We are particularly active in the following areas:

  • International trade law (national and multilateral)
  • Business law (contracts, corporate, financing and taxation)
  • Corporate and bank financing
  • Intellectual property, trademarks and new technologies
  • National and international commercial litigation and arbitration
  • Commercial mediation
  • National and international tenders
  • Business people mobility (work permits, permanent residency and citizenship)
  • Customs law
  • Maritime and transportation law
  • Public international law

Through their complementary skills and their diverse cultural backgrounds, our lawyers are familiar with the business practices of Canada’s major trading partners. Throughout the years, they have established an extensive network of foreign contacts and correspondents upon whom they rely to answer the needs of their clients. Our approach: advise globally and guide locally.